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Montana employees are protected against discrimination at work. Montana employees are also protected against being fired unfairly, or being denied wages they have earned. Our firm works to protect the rights of Montana employees. Please call us if you are having an issue with your employment of if you believe you have been fired unfairly.


If you have been discriminated against, either on the job or while attempting to get a job, you may have a claim for lost wages and other damages. There are Montana and federal laws that protect you from discrimination based on:
- Military status
- Age
- Race
- Gender/sex/pregnancy
- Family status
- National Origin
- Disability
- Religion

If you have lost your job, or been denied a job, a promotion, a raise, or any other job benefit because of your military status or experience, race, age, gender, physical disability, national origin, religion, family status or pregnancy, you may have a claim of discrimination. Please call us for a free review of your case.

Sexual harassment is also discrimination. If you are experiencing sexual harassment or being subjected to a hostile environment at work because of your sex, you may have a legal claim. Please call us immediately.

Employment discrimination claims can be complicated, and can involve not only court proceedings but also proceedings before the Montana Human Rights Bureau and the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Phil Hohenlohe is experienced in representing federal, state, and private employees both in state and federal court and also in the Human Rights Bureau/EEOC process.

Discrimination Resource Links:

Montana Human Rights Bureau: The Montana Human Rights Bureau is responsible for investigating violations of Montana discrimination laws. Its website provides information on Montana discrimination laws and the procedure for filing a discrimination claim with the Bureau.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC): The EEOC is responsible for enforcing federal employment discrimination laws. Its website provides information on these federal laws.

Job Accommodation Network (JAN): The Job Accommodation Network is a great resource for employees with a disability who are in need of information regarding reasonable workplace accommodations.


If you have been fired from your job or forced to quit your job after you have completed your probationary period of employment, you may have a wrongful discharge claim. The Montana Wrongful Discharge Act ensures that Montana employees may not be fired without good cause In Montana, an employer generally may not fire an employee without good cause for doing so. An employer cannot fire an employee in violation of the employer's written policies. An employer may not fire an employee for being a whistleblower.

If you believe you have been fired or forced to quit unfairly, call us for a review of your case. Phil Hohenlohe has represented numerous Montana employees in wrongful discharge cases. ‚Äč


Sometimes, discrimination happens outside the workplace. For example, Montanans may face discrimination in education, housing, healthcare, places of public accommodation, or governmental services. If you believe you have been subjected to discrimination, please contact us, and let us fight to protect your rights.

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